District 6 Neighborhood Commission Representatives

Jim Carter

Jim Carter

Olivia Navarro

Olivia Navarro


Youth Commission

Current Youth Commission Representative:   Chris Zazueta  City email address:

Current Youth Commission Representative:

Chris Zazueta

City email address:


Purpose: To foster greater involvement of youth in municipal government, specifically to study youth related issues, activities and concerns relating to municipal policies, programs, and/or projects of the City of San José.

Duties: Make recommendations to San José City Council and Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood (Community) Services on youth related issues. Conduct forums to involve youth in the governmental decision-making process, and co-sponsors the Annual City of San José Youth Conference.

Relationships: Youth Commissioners are encouraged to develop working relationships with their civic partners, (Municipal constituency) and their peers.

Qualifications: Must be between the ages of 14 - 20, reside in the district he/she is representing, have the drive to bring awareness of youth issues and represent approximately 185,000 + youth within the City of San José.

Attendance: Commissioners are expected to attend all Commission meetings. Unexcused absences from any three consecutive regular meetings are deemed to have resigned from the Commission.

Terms: Two-year terms with a possibility of a one-term reappointment.

Meetings: Youth Commission meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30pm at City Hall. Meetings are open to the public and follow Robert's Rules of Order. In addition to regular monthly meetings, Commissioners may spend an additional five hours per month attending subcommittee meetings and/or their own District Youth Advisory Council (YAC) meetings.

Benefits: There is no compensation for serving on the Youth Commission. However, the active leadership role, relationships built and experience obtained are intangible benefits for their future.

You may call (408) 793-5559 for more information.

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